Malaysia is ‘home’ to four out of seven of the world’s endangered turtle species i.e. Green Turtle (Agar), Leatherback Turtle (Belimbing), Olive Ridley Turtle (Lipas) and Hawksbill Turtle (Karah). To support the turtle conservation programmes in Terengganu, INEOS PCG Acetyls has been sponsoring the Ma’ Daerah Turtle Sanctuary in Kg. Labohan, Terengganu, in partnership with the Department of Fisheries Terengganu, BP and WWF Malaysia since 1999.

Year to date, INEOS PCG Acetyls has spent more than RM1.3 millions on the Ma’ Daerah turtle conservation related programmes.

INEOS PCG Acetyls’s contributions and achievements include:

- Awareness programmes and weekend camps to provide opportunities for the general public to participate in turtle conservation activities.

- The bringing together of INEOS PCG Acetyls employees with the government, NGO and the local community on initiatives to promote turtle conservation such as the annual beach clean-up.

- Awarded a BP Helios Regional Award in 2004 & 2007.

- Since 2001, the sanctuary has achieved a hatch rate of more than 80%, making it one of the most successful turtle hatcheries in Malaysia.

- Winner of BP’s Chairmen Award for HSSE achievement (1999).

- Prime Minister CSR Award for Environment (2007).