It has come to our notice that unauthorized persons or organizations are falsely using the INEOS PCG Acetyls Sdn. Bhd. (“IPASB”) name in an attempt to fraudulently secure unlawful gain.

The fraudsters solicit company to participate in project bid where the potential company is requested to transfer earnest money into a Trustee bank account. The fraudster claims that the target earnest money shall be refunded to the unsuccessful bidders.

IPASB hereby confirm that such project bid involving depositing earnest or upfront deposit into a Trustee account is not organized and has no relation to IPASB. We would therefore like to caution the public to be vigilant when receiving invitation to participate in such project bid.

The above serve as an example of a current scam implicating IPASB. There may be other forms of scam that IPASB are not aware of. Please also take note that IPASB do not offer prize redemption scheme, lucky draw prizes or any contests.

How to Detect Scams

  • IPASB do not communicate via generic email addresses such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc. All communications will always originate from a verifiable IPASB e-mail address (domains of and not from any free web based email accounts.

  • IPASB do not ask for earnest money or upfront deposit from potential company for any project bid purposes.

  • IPASB bank account is registered under the Company’s name, and never under an individual’s name or a trustee name.

  • Fraudsters usually ask targets to respond quickly or risk missing out.

  • Fraudsters usually communicate only via email and telephone with reluctance or a refusal to meet in person.

  • IPASB do not ask for money transfer or payment of any kind from applicants at any points in recruitment process.

How to Contact us

You should consider reporting the incident to the appropriate law enforcement authority.

You may contact IPASB about any suspected scams perpetrated using the name of IPASB through our telephone number 09-8305300.

DISCLAIMER: IPASB shall not be responsible for the content of any information nor shall it be liable for any loss or damage or expenses or any adverse consequence of any nature whatsoever suffered or may be suffered by any part or members of the public arising from or as a result of reliance on or usage of any information from portals, websites or e-mail domains which are not authorized by IPASB.