INEOS PCG Acetyls intend to enhance its involvement with the wider community through fostering positive relations with the community to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Our activities with the community represent a long-term investment and commitment to leadership, community impact and corporate social responsibility.

We do so by using a multi-level process of community engagement, grassroots advocacy, and strategic partnerships with public or non-governmental organizations and individuals to make impact happen in our local communities from the inside out.

INEOS PCG Acetyls’s contribution which includes :

Adopted School

INEOS PCG Acetyls so far had adopted 2 schools since year 2000 i.e. Sekolah Kebangsaan Meraga Beris, Kijal from year 2000 to 2013 and SMK Dato' Engku Bijaya Sura, Paka from year 2015 to 2019. INEOS PCG Acetyls is now in the process of evaluating and selecting new school to be adopted for the future years to go.

This school linked CSR programme aimed to help the underprivileged, excellent and borderline students with the objectives to develop, implement, evaluate and enhance student’s soft skill (through fun learning activities) and academic excellence (through monthly tuition) of the students. The selected students will be involved in range of activities throughout the programme where they should be able to realize their full potential.

What is special about this school linked CSR programme is the commitment from the growing pool of INEOS PCG Acetyls staff volunteers towards the successful and sustainable implementation of the programme where they have set aside some time from their work schedule to conduct planned activities with the students of the adopted schools.