We produce glacial acetic acid in its dilute form is commonly recognised as vinegar. It plays an important part in the manufacture of items such as fibres, fabric, washing powder, bottles and food packaging. INEOS PCG Acetyls is one of the largest single producer of acetic acid in Asia, producing approximately 500,000 tonnes annually.

Acetic acid is an important raw material in the production of purified terepthalic acid (PTA, used to produce PET and polyester fibers) and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM, used in coatings and plastics). Both products are experiencing considerable demand growth in the Asian region.

INEOS’s Acetyls has manufacturing operations in the UK, USA, Korea, Malaysia, China and Taiwan. The business has annual sales of over 2.5 million tonnes and employs over 1000 staff. It growth strategy is based on proprietary technology and global leading market position.